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Michigan Office of Administrative Hearings and Rules

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Menard, Inc.


City Of Escanaba

Case Type:

ET Property





Full Title:

Menard, Inc.,Petitioner vs. City Of Escanaba,Respondent


Gadola, Preeti P., Enyart, Victoria L.

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Action Information
Line #SubjectFilerLine RefEnter Date/Post MarkFeeRelated Item
133Record Returned - COA  04/01/2022 Document
132Decision Affirmed - Higher Court  02/10/2022 Document
131Record Sent - COA  03/22/2021
130Certification Letter COA  03/22/2021 Document
129Record requested- COA  03/19/2021 Document
128Claim of Appeal was filedRESP 09/23/2020$100.00 Document
127Proof of Service  09/02/2020 Document
126DeniedRESP12409/02/2020 Document
125Order Denying Motion 12409/02/2020 Document
124Motion for Reconsideration was received.RESP 06/23/2020$50.00 Document
123Proof of Service  05/28/2020 Document
122Final Opinion and Judgment  05/28/2020 Document
121ResponsePET 09/09/2016 Document
120Stipulated Statement of Facts  08/14/2014 Document
119Exhibits admitted at hearing.PET 05/13/2019 Document
118Exhibits were offered, but not admitted, at hearing.PET 05/13/2019 Document
117Exhibits admitted at hearing.RESP 05/13/2019 Document
116Proof of Service of Misc Documents was received.RESP 10/28/2019 Document
115BriefRESP 10/28/2019 Document
114Post Hearing Brief was received.PET 10/28/2019 Document
113Post Hearing Brief was received.PET 08/23/2019 Document
112Proof of Service of Misc Documents was received.RESP 08/23/2019 Document
111Post Hearing Brief was received.RESP 08/23/2019 Document
110Transcript  06/07/2019 Document
109Transcript  06/06/2019 Document
108Transcript  06/05/2019 Document
107Transcript  06/04/2019 Document
106Transcript  06/03/2019 Document
105Transcript  05/17/2019 Document
104Transcript  05/16/2019 Document
103Transcript  05/15/2019 Document
102Transcript  05/14/2019 Document
101Transcript  05/13/2019 Document
100Proof of Service  07/16/2019 Document
99Granted 9607/16/2019 Document
98GrantedRESP9507/16/2019 Document
97Order granting Motion.  07/16/2019 Document
96Motion to Extend was received.  07/15/2019$0.00 Document
95Motion for Immediate Consideration was received.RESP 07/15/2019$100.00 Document
94Proof of Service  07/12/2019 Document
93Order Requiring Post-Hearing Briefs  07/12/2019 Document
92Letter ReceivedPET 05/22/2019 Document
91Proof of Service  05/07/2019 Document
90DeniedRESP8505/07/2019 Document
89Order Denying Motion to Quash 8505/07/2019 Document
88GrantedRESP8305/07/2019 Document
87Order granting Motion for Immediate Con 8305/07/2019 Document
86A response to motion was filed.PET 05/06/2019 Document
85A Motion to Quash was filed.RESP 05/03/2019$0.00 Document
84Proof of Service of Misc Documents was received.RESP 05/03/2019 Document
83Motion for Immediate Consideration was received.RESP 05/03/2019$100.00 Document
82Subpoena Issued  05/03/2019 Document
81Subpoena RequestPET 05/02/2019 Document
80DocumentationRESP 04/30/2019 Document
79Proof of Service of Misc Documents was received.RESP 04/30/2019 Document
78Exhibit ListRESP 04/30/2019 Document
77DocumentationRESP 04/29/2019 Document
76Proof of Service of Misc Documents was received.RESP 04/29/2019 Document
75Exhibit ListRESP 04/29/2019 Document
74Exhibit ListPET 04/29/2019 Document
73Notification of Court ReporterPET 04/03/2019 Document
72DocumentationRESP 01/09/2019 Document
71A hearing has been scheduled  11/27/2018
70A hearing has been scheduled  11/27/2018
69Proof of Service  11/27/2018 Document
68Prehearing Conference Summary  11/27/2018 Document
67Prehearing Conference Completed  11/15/2018
66GrantedRESP6211/27/2018 Document
65GrantedRESP6011/27/2018 Document
64Order granting Motion.  11/27/2018 Document
63A response to motion was filed.PET 11/09/2018 Document
62A Motion to Compel Deposition was filed.RESP 11/02/2018 Document
61Proof of Service of Misc Documents was received.RESP 11/02/2018 Document
60Motion for Immediate Consideration was received.RESP 11/02/2018$100.00 Document
58DocumentationRESP 10/29/2018 Document
57Valuation Disclosure Attachments H-KRESP 08/13/2018 Document
56Valuation Disclosure Attachments A-GRESP 08/13/2018 Document
55Valuation DisclosureRESP 08/13/2018 Document
54Proof of Service of Misc Documents was received.RESP 08/13/2018 Document
53A Prehearing Statement has been received.RESP 08/13/2018 Document
52Valuation DisclosurePET 08/13/2018 Document
51A Prehearing Statement has been received.PET 08/13/2018 Document
50Proof of Service  08/07/2018 Document
49DeniedRESP4108/07/2018 Document
48DeniedRESP4308/07/2018 Document
47Order Denying Motion  08/07/2018 Document
46Proof of Service of Misc Documents was received.RESP 08/03/2018 Document
45DocumentationRESP 08/03/2018 Document
44ResponsePET4307/31/2018 Document
43Motion to Compel was received.RESP 07/24/2018$0.00 Document
42Proof of Service of Misc Documents was received.RESP 07/24/2018 Document
41Motion for Immediate Consideration was received.RESP 07/24/2018$100.00 Document
40Prehearing Conference was set.  02/16/2018
39Proof of Service  02/16/2018 Document
38Order Scheduling Prehearing Conference  02/16/2018 Document
37Response to OrderPET 02/13/2018 Document
36Proof of Service  01/23/2018 Document
35Order Regarding Additional Valuation Evidence  01/23/2018 Document
34Status Conference completed. 2701/23/2018
33Transcript  01/11/2018 Document
32Stipulated Sub of Counsel  01/05/2018 Document
31BriefPET 12/28/2017 Document
30Proof of Service of Misc Documents was received.RESP 12/28/2017 Document
29BriefRESP 12/28/2017 Document
28AppearanceRESP 06/23/2015 Document
27A status conference has been scheduled.  11/20/2017
26Hearing was adjourned. 1711/20/2017
25Proof of Service  11/20/2017 Document
24Revised Scheduling Order  11/20/2017 Document
23Order Scheduling In-Person Status Conference  11/20/2017 Document
22Order Adjourning December 13, 2017 Status Conference  11/20/2017 Document
21Telephone Number for Hearing RecdPET 11/15/2017 Document
20Telephone Number for Hearing RecdPET 11/14/2017 Document
19AppearancePET 11/14/2017 Document
18Proof of Service  11/13/2017 Document
17A status conference has been scheduled.  11/13/2017
16Notice of Telephonic Status Conference  11/13/2017 Document
15Scheduling Order  11/13/2017 Document
14Record Returned - COA  10/20/2017 Document
13Appealed to Supreme CourtPET 07/07/2016 Document
12Decision Reversed - Remanded - COA  05/26/2016 Document
11Corrected Final Opinion and Judgment  01/07/2015 Document
10Final Opinion and JudgmentPET 11/07/2014 Document
9Order Correcting 7/18/24 Order 808/07/2014 Document
8Order Denying Respondent's Motion To Compel  07/18/2014 Document
7Order for Immediate Consideration 607/18/2014 Document
6Order granting Petitioner's Motion to Consolidate #441600.  07/18/2014 Document
5Proof of service of petition was received.PET 06/17/2014 Document
4Petition has been verifiedPET205/29/2014 Document
3Notice of Docket Number ET  05/29/2014 Document
2A petition was received.PET 05/28/2014 Document
1ET Case Info Sheet  05/28/2014$600.00 Document